Home Urban News Scary Video Shows Woman Jumping in Front Speeding Boat Before Chaos Ensues

Scary Video Shows Woman Jumping in Front Speeding Boat Before Chaos Ensues

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Darwin Award’? It’s a fictional honor used to describe people who do unthinkably stupid things that could end in serious injury or death. The people who qualify for these awards usually seem completely oblivious to how dangerously stupid their actions are before it’s too late. For one woman who was enjoying a boat ride on a bright sunny day things turned horrific when she decided to attempt winning a Darwin Award.

Vacationing Woman Jumps in Front Speeding Boat in Scary Video

You know how lab safety videos tell you the obviously dangerously things to avoid doing while in laboratory settings? Usually they show things like sticking metal fork inside an electrical outlet or drinking a dangerous chemical, things anyone with common sense would never do anyway. Likewise a boat safety video would probably show obvious things to avoid doing while riding on a high speed boat. It’s probably safe say that jumping in front a moving boat would be at the top of the list of obvious things to avoid.

Viral footage shows a genius group of three women who decided to start jumping off a high speed boat for fun while they were on vacation. Similar to jumping out of a speeding car, jumping out a speeding boat is all kinds of dangerous. Not only due to the injuries hitting the water can cause, but also because you can get chopped up by the boat’s motor blades or hit by the boat. The motor blades are the main reason why most boaters know you never jump in front any moving boat, especially one going fast. Surprisingly in the scary footage below the smart woman jumped in the front the speeding boat causing chaos as the boat driver instantly panicked.

The plot twist here is despite how close to death that woman came reports are saying she survived the incident with minor injuries. She needs to go play the lotto with the amount of luck she had living through such a crazy mistake. Her still being alive is truly a miracle all things considered. The boat driver is probably mentally scarred considering he probably thought he unintentionally killed his friend.

Moral of the story is never jump in front a speeding boat like that woman did.

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