Man Video Calls Guy His Girlfriend DM'd After Looking Through Her Phone Then Gets Put on Blast on IG Live for Being Hurt

When you find out your significant other is cheating one of the worst things you can do is confront the person they were cheating with when your girlfriend was the one that initiated the cheating. When a man video called the guy his girlfriend DM’d after looking through her phone he got clowned on Instagram Live for being hurt over a girl that didn’t want him anymore.

The guy his girlfriend was cheating with peppered him with comments saying, “you hurt over a b****, aww you hurt. You calling a man about a b****”. You could hear the guy who initiated video call slowly filling with embarrassment and shame when he realized he was being recorded. All the while the guy he video called was laughing at his emotional pain.

The person this guy should have been focusing on is his girlfriend that was sending DM’s to other men behind his back. Confronting the person she initiated contact with wasn’t going to help the situation in anyway.

Now not only did he lose his girlfriend, the man that took his girlfriend made a fool of him on social media. A relationship double whammy.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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