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Machine Gun Kelly’s New Blackout Tattoo Looks Like an NBA 2K MyCareer Character Glitch

The music and fashion is led by artists who are the trailblazers, constantly redefining the edge of style. Take Machine Gun Kelly, or MGK, for instance. He’s recently turned heads with a bold new tattoo that’s become the talk of the town. It’s not just any ink—it’s a blackout tattoo, which means he’s gone all in with a blanket of solid black over his upper body.

Was Machine Gun Kelly’s Blackout Tattoo Inspired by NBA 2K MyCareer Characters?

MGK’s daring choice echoes a trend from the virtual courts of NBA 2K’s MyCareer mode, where gamers craft their avatar’s look down to the tattoos. Some have dialed this up to eleven, decking out their digital selves until they’re sporting a virtual blackout tattoo.

Now, folks are buzzing about whether MGK might’ve drawn inspiration from these pixelated ballers. It’s a mix of chuckles and side-eyes, with some playful jabs thrown in, suggesting MGK’s stepped right out of the game into real life.

Blackout tattoos are the new kids on the block in tattoo culture. They’re bold, they’re dramatic, and they make a statement by covering swathes of skin in unapologetic black ink. While some use them to give old tattoos a fresh cover, others wear them as a badge of avant-garde fashion.

For MGK, this isn’t just a tattoo; it’s a declaration. In an industry that thrives on the unique, his blackout tattoo is a visual shout that sets him apart from the crowd.

The NBA 2K MyCareer Look NBA 2K’s MyCareer mode is a playground for personalization, letting players live out their hoop dreams with avatars they can tattoo to their heart’s content. It’s become such a hit that the blackout tattoo look has its own name in gaming circles: the NBA 2K MyCareer aesthetic.

The resemblance between MGK’s ink and the MyCareer style hasn’t slipped by unnoticed. It’s sparked a lively debate: Is MGK’s tattoo a nod to NBA 2K? While the jury’s out on whether he’s a gamer or if he’s even aware of the MyCareer look, the conversation itself is a testament to how video game chic can spill over into real-world fashion.

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Machine Gun Kelly's New's Blackout Tattoo Makes Him Look Like a Real Life NBA 2K MyCareer Character
Machine Gun Kelly’s New’s Blackout Tattoo Makes Him Look Like a Real Life NBA 2K MyCareer Character

Some see MGK’s tattoo as a playful homage, while others read it as a bold statement. Either way, it’s added a layer of intrigue to his persona and stirred up a dialogue that blurs the lines between body art and gaming culture.

MGK’s blackout tattoo is more than just skin deep—it’s a cultural crossover, a point where the beats of music, the flair of fashion, and the pixels of gaming converge. Whether or not NBA 2K was his muse, MGK has certainly sparked a dialogue that’s as captivating as his new look.

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