You know how when your in school you have to watch those lab safety videos where they tell you obvious ways to avoid getting hurt? Usually they will tell you things like don’t stick a metal fork in an electrical outlet, or don’t drink chemicals. If a video like that was made about firework safety, setting one off in a small room would definitely be on the list. For YouTuber Speed it seems like common sense wasn’t a part of his July 4th celebration.

In a viral video the YouTuber Speed decided to show off his Pikachu firework toy in quite possibly the most dangerous way possible. In his quest for social media clout, Speed set off his firework Pikachu inside his room while he was sitting right next to it. Not only could he have gotten burned, just about everything inside his room was flammable. It was a disaster waiting to happen, and that’s exactly what went down.

As you’ll see in the footage below as Speed’s firework Pikachu started going off he was screaming with fear when he realized just how explosive it was. He started running around frantically when it started spinning out of control spewing flammable projectiles in every direction. At the very last moment he made the brave move of snatching it out the room before it started a massive fire.

KSI Reacts to Speed Setting Off Firework Pikachu in Room Causing Dangerous Explosion During Twitch Stream

KSI reacted to Speed’s firework Pikachu debacle saying, “Speed is different omg. Hope him and his mum are ok”. We are all hoping the same too, because that looked very dangerous. There’s no telling the amount of damage that caused before he was able to put it out.

When Speed set off that firework Pikachu in his room he was probably hoping it would go viral, and that’s exactly what it did. The footage has garnered millions of views across every social media platform, and was also a top trending topic on Twitter. It’s definitely one of the craziest firework accidents ever seen involving a YouTuber.

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