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Man Tells His Opps to Pull Up on Facebook Live Then They Pulled Up Disguised as His Friends Before Jumping Him

A shocking incident was captured on Facebook Live at a gas station, where a man was attacked by a group of his enemies who pretended to be his friends. The man, who has not been identified, was broadcasting live from inside the gas station challenging his enemies to come and face him.

In the footage the man sounded confident as he told his opps “pull up, pull up, please pull up. I want you to pull up. Watch your back”. However, his bravado backfired when a few minutes later his opps pulled up, and joined his Facebook live session. At first the man didn’t even realize that the people who had entered the room were actually his enemies, because they seemed to be friendly with him.

Little did he know that he was surrounded by his opps, and was about to learn a tough life lesson about talking tough on social media for no good reason. All hell broke loose once one of his enemies punched him in his face, and the rest proceeded to jump him. The fight continued outside the gas station as bystanders looked on calling for help. Apparently it was him saying “show me I’m not blood” that really set things off.

How it started.

How it ended.

This incident shows why calling people out on social media while at a public location is never smart. It can put your life and safety at risk, and expose you to violence and robbery. It is better to avoid conflicts, and stay away from troublemakers than to invite them to harm you.

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