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Viral Video Shows Prisoner Headbutting a Child Molester After Learning Of His Crimes in Court

It’s common knowledge that prisons are very dangerous for convicted child molesters. Even the people who are in jail for murders don’t respect anyone who $exually assaulted a child. Statistics show that $ex offenders are attacked in prison at higher rates than people serving time for other types of crimes. With all that said in footage going viral the world witnessed a prisoner attacking a child molester in court for the first time.

Viral Video Shows Prisoner Headbutting a $ex Offender After Learning Of His Crimes in Court

This whole incident happened during the sentencing of a man named Christopher Elwell who $exually assaulted a 4 year old old girl inside his New Hampshire home on two separate occasions in June of 2017. In addition he showed adult videos to another 9 year old victim he forced to perform oral acts him. It wasn’t until November of the same year that he confessed to heinous crimes after initially claiming he was innocent.

Fast forward to Christopher Elwell’s arraignment and it was taking place at the same time another prisoner named Josiah Davies was being arraigned for violating his probation. In the footage Josiah Davies was sitting in the back area of the court room while Christopher Elwell admitted to the judge once again that he assaulted a 4 year old girl. This was the moment that Josiah Davies learned the Christopher Elwell was a child molester.

As you’ll see in the footage both prisoners were in handcuffs, so using hands to attack someone was basically impossible. As soon as Elwell sat down next Josiah Davies all hell broke loose anyway. The prisoner headbutted the child molester multiple times before court security was able intervene. Elwell was getting an early glimpse of the type of treatment he would get in prison for his heinous crime.

A Josiah Davies GoFundMe was Created After Video of Prisoner Headbutting Child Molester in Court Room Went Viral

Reports say Josiah Davies got more prison time for headbutting the convicted $ex offender in court, but it was probably worth it in his mind. A Josiah Davies GoFundMe was created to support him, but it was quickly deleted for violating the website’s policies against making fundraisers for convicted criminals.

According to reports since he admitted guilt a plea deal was reached with Christopher Elwell that would prevent the 4 year old from having to testify, and recount the horrific things that happened to her. He is still in jail till this day.

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