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Brittney Griner’s July 4th Letter to Joe Biden Pleading For Help Will Make You Shed a Tear

The case of Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia is a story that has rocked all of America. Since the date of her arrest she’s been held there for around 130 days, and her detention was recently extended by 6 months. As the situation continues to unfold many people have called out Joe Biden for not taking control, and helping a US Citizen come back to America similar to how Donald Trump helped Gelo Ball during the China debacle. Now Brittney Griner is speaking out directly to Joe Biden, and she had a lot to say.

Brittney Griner’s Letter to Joe Biden Pleading For Help Goes Viral

In her letter to Joe Biden, Brittney Griner gave people an inside look at the scary thoughts going through her mind as she sits in Russian prison. For one she feels very alone since she has no family or friends to talk with. In addition she’s constantly battling the fear that she may be stuck in Russia for the rest of her life. She took the the time to write the letter on July 4th, because it’s day where people celebrate freedom, and he father was Vietnam war veteran. This caused the emotional pain she is feeling to grow, because now the word freedom has a completely different meaning to her.

The most powerful part of letter came when Brittney Griner begged Joe Biden to not forget about her, or the other American detainees being held in Russia. She revealed that she voted for Joe Biden, and it was actually the first time she ever voted in her life. She ended the letter letting Joe Biden know that should she regain her freedom it would used to make sure she does great things. In addition she let him know how much she misses her family. Take a look.

This was the moment Russian police found the weed in Brittney Griner’s luggage changing her life forever.

As you probably know Russian police caught Brittney Griner with vape cartridges in her luggage when she arrived at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow. Their reports state that Brittney Griner had weed in the vape cartridges in the form of hashish oil. Hash oil is a oleoresin created after extraction from marijuana.

It is an extremely concentrated substance containing tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, and other cannabinoids. Russia has very strict drug laws regarding marijuana, and she probably wasn’t aware of that before boarding a plane with the substance. She’s facing 10 years in prison if convicted.

Will Joe Biden swallow his pride, and work directly with Vladimir Putin to free Brittney Griner? Only time will tell.

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