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VIDEO: What Caused an Explosion in Times Square?

Videos are going viral of a scary moment that happened in Times Square New York recently. Several videos captured the moment some type of explosion in Times Square sent people running frantically for safety. The situation was very tense, because no one knew where the explosion came from, or how it happened. In this article we’ll discuss what we have learned about the situation.

What Caused an Explosion in Times Square?

Some reports about the Times Square explosion suggest it happen within the sewer system. People around the area described it as a ‘manhole explosion’. No fatalities have been reported, but given the things New York has been through the situation has still left many people devastated mentally.

Take a look at some videos of people’s reaction to the Times Square Explosion as it happened.

What Can Cause a Sewer Explosion in Times Square?

It’s not confirmed if a sewer explosion is what made the loud bang heard in Times Square, but if that was the cause there are many reasons why it could have happened. Naturally sewer gas contains methane and hydrogen sulfide, which are both very flammable and explosive substances. This is why if you fart into a flame you’ll notice the fire gets bigger, not saying we have done that.

In some cases road salt can erode electric lines in sewers, which can cause those naturally occurring gases to ignite causing a manhole explosion.

Luckily no one was hurt in this situation.

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