Godzilla Oil Fire Erupts In Gulf of Mexico After Undersea Pipeline Explodes

Remember those scenes from Godzilla when he rises out the water, but the flames from his body can be seen before he does? It’s not something you would ever imagine seeing in real life, but today that changed after a major disaster. A Godzilla oil fire erupted in Gulf of Mexico after an undersea pipeline exploded.

Viral footage shows three boats trying to put out the Godzilla like fire as it raged on in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil company PEMEX confirmed that an undersea pipeline was behind the fire that looked like a fiery monster was swimming underwater.

Is the government trying to cover up Godzilla’s existence by saying this was an oil fire? Take a look.

Here is a closer look that really gives you an idea of how similar the Gulf of Mexico pipeline fire looks to Godzilla emerging from the water.

Prayers up for the rescue teams out there trying to put out that massive fire, and the ecosystem that will probably be destroyed for a long time as result. All that oil leaking into the water is going to devastate the underwater animals in that area. The sad part is it can take at least 15 years for an oil spill to completely disappear.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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