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Are Christian Louboutin Red Bottoms Shoes Made From Human Skin of Sacrificed Child Trafficking Victims? Conspiracy Theory Trends

Over the years we have all heard some strange stories about things that allegedly go on in the world of Hollywood, and the ultra rich. Many of these stories involve allegations of children being sacrificed, and human trafficking. Recently with the Balenciaga controversy ruling headlines a conspiracy theory involving the true origin of Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes began to spread on social media.

Are Christian Louboutin Red Bottom Shoes Made From Skin of Sacrificed Children and Human Trafficking Victims? Details on Conspiracy Theory

The Red Shoe Club Conspiracy Theory involves an allegation that some Hollywood executives like wearing shoes that are made from the skin of children who were sacrificed in rituals. A few years ago Macaulay Culkin did a radio interview in France where he claimed that there are movie business executives that are “satanic pedophiles” who ritualistic abuse and murder child actors, then use their skin to make expensive shoes. He told a story of a Hollywood Executive who allegedly tried to coerce him with drugs, and bragged about wearing shoes that were made from the skin of children while he was filming Home Alone as a child star. Many people felt that he was just talking crazy, but was there truth to what he said?

Heather O’Rourke was the child star from “The Poltergeist” who died suspiciously while recording one of the movies, but her cause of death was listed as “septic shock”. However, there was allegedly some sketchy details involving how she died, which led to conspiracy theories she may have been a victim of The Red Shoe Club, some people believe she was the first victim. Take a look at an excerpt from an article that talked about Macaulay Culkin’s radio interview in France, where he exposed more details about the alleged satanic rituals in Hollywood involving children’s skin and shoes.

Christian Louboutin red bottoms are one of the most popular type of high end fashion shoes worn by Hollywood elite, and other very rich people. Recently a conspiracy theory connected to Macaulay Culkin’s claims began to trend about the reason why the shoes have red soles. We all know that red is the color of blood, apparently conspiracy theorists believe Christian Louboutin red bottoms are made from the skin of sacrificed children.

They theorize the shoes have red bottoms, because it matches the color of the blood from the children when their skin is removed. People in the Red Shoe Club allegedly wore human skin shoes with red soles during satanic rituals. Take a look at some social media videos about the conspiracy.


With all the situations involving people like Jeffrey Epstein and Balenciaga’s cancelled fashion campaign that seemed to fetishize children, conspiracy theories like these are easier to believe than they once were. In addition Macaulay Culkin risked his own credibility to openly talk about alleged things he heard, and saw that support The Red Shoe Club conspiracy theory.

If Christian Louboutin red bottoms are made from the skin of children who were sacrificed that would truly be sad, especially since people wear them so proudly. Could this be part of the reason celebrities have been so quiet about the Balenciaga situation?

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