Clubhouse Invites are selling on eBay for unbelievable prices. At the moment a you can buy a Clubhouse Invite on eBay for $97.

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When you make the purchase you will get a credit for an invite, which would bypass the current waitlist. The seller included recent feedback to let potential buyers know it wasn’t a scam. Apparently they have 100% positive reviews.

There is one catch, these eBay Clubhouse Invites only work on iPhones, so android users are out of luck at the moment.

Based on the eBay listing you can buy up to 5 Clubhouse Invites per order. They are categorized under the “specialty services” section of the website. If you order right now you’re guaranteed get your purchase by February 3rd.

If you are yearning for a Clubhouse Invite you should head to eBay right now. Just make sure you have an iPhone and $97 to spare.

Author: JordanThrilla

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