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Video Shows Employee Caught Smoking Weed in Freezer on 3rd Day of Work Getting Fired

A video showing an employee who got caught getting high at his job on only his third day is going viral on social media. The footage shows the boss opening the store freezer to find his employee smoking a blunt inside it.

The boss says to his employee, “I’m going to need you to clock out right now,” as the employee is blowing a puff of weed smoke out his mouth. The employee looks back with a shocked look on his face as he replies to his boss saying, “like right now, right now,” to which the boss responds, “like right now right now”.

The video has amassed over 9 million views and thousands of comments, with many people clowning the boss for firing the one worker who they believe would have probably worked overtime for free.

However, not everyone found the video funny, as some pointed out the serious consequences of drug use in the workplace. According to a report by Quest Diagnostics, a leading provider of drug testing services, drug use among U.S. workers reached a 16-year high in 2019. The report found that marijuana was the most commonly detected drug, followed by opiates, cocaine, and amphetamines.

Drug use in the workplace can pose significant risks to both employers and employees, such as increased absenteeism, lower productivity, higher turnover, increased accidents, and legal liabilities. Therefore, many employers have implemented drug testing policies and programs to prevent and deter drug use among their workers.

Still yet, moments like what happens in the video below continue to be a problem. The look on the employee’s face when he realized his boss was standing behind him was priceless, especially considering he was in the middle of puffing out a cloud of smoke.

According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 57% of U.S. employers conduct drug tests on all job candidates. The survey also found that 29% of employers conduct random drug tests on all employees, and 26% conduct drug tests on employees involved in accidents or incidents.

The laws and regulations regarding workplace drug testing vary by state and industry. Some states have strict rules on when and how employers can conduct drug tests, while others have no specific laws at all. Some industries, such as transportation, aviation, and federal contracting, are subject to mandatory federal drug testing guidelines.

The consequences of failing a drug test, or getting caught using drugs depend on the employer’s policy and the state’s law. Some employers may offer counseling or rehabilitation programs for employees who test positive for drugs, while others may terminate them immediately as in the video above.

Some states may also impose penalties or sanctions on employees who fail drug tests, such as suspending or revoking their licenses or certifications.

Moral of the story is stay drug free, so you don’t end up in embarrassingly hilarious videos showing the day you got fired from your job after three days of work, because you wanted to get high.

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