kid smashes windshield of $250k McLaren with skateboard aftermath photo

Usually when people come across a very expensive car they are extra careful to make sure they don’t do any damage. Some people even avoid parking near expensive cars just to avoid getting caught in a situation where they would have to cover the cost of a repair. However, there are also some people that could careless how much a car is worth when they feel like stirring up some trouble.

Video Shows Kid Smashing Window of $250 McLaren With Skateboard Then Getting Chased Down By Driver

A video circulating on social media appears to show the moment two men driving a McLaren encountered a young kid riding a skateboard across the street. Judging from the footage it appears the driver did not stop completely at a stop sign despite the fact the kid was trying to cross the street, and also beeped their horn at him. This presumably got the young man a bit agitated, and he responded by doing the unthinkable. Out of nowhere he picked up his skateboard, and smashed the windshield of the $250K McLaren.

Things got very hectic when the passenger in the car hopped out, and began chasing the kid who ran for his life. It’s not clear if he ever caught. In the meantime the drive who was visibly upset sped off presumably to help his friend find the culprit who damaged their car. Windshield repairs usually aren’t that expensive, but when it comes to exotic cars all repairs are going to hit your wallet hard.

kid smashes window of $250k McLaren with skateboard aftermath photo

McLarens are such beautiful cars, so you know that driver is hurting right now.

Who is in the wrong here the driver for not stopping completely, or the kid for smashing the window because the driver didn’t stop properly? The verdict should probably be they are both in the wrong, but damaging someone’s car like that is next level petty.

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