Reparations for black people has been one of the most talked about controversies for many years. For example in America after the atrocities of slavery the federal government promised to make amends by providing all black people in America with land, and/or money. It was even written into law. Social justice activists such as Tariq Nasheed have organized events to promote pursuit of reparations. Around the world people are facing some of the same issues, and it appears Barbados has taken a new step by actually targeting alleged descendants of slave owners. Surprisingly that’s the alleged reason Oscar nominated actor Benedict Cumberbatch who is most known for his role as Dr. Strange is trending.

Is Dr. Strange aka Benedict Cumberbatch Related to a Slave Owner?

According to Telegraph, Benedict Cumberbatch may have to cough up some dough to pay for the sins of his alleged ancestors. The Barbados National Task Force of Reparations has recently started focusing on collecting funds by targeting descendants of slave owners who are very wealthy. Apparently one of his great grandfathers is allegedly Abraham Parry Cumberbatch purchased the Cleland plantation in 1728. Before Barbados ended slavery in 1834, for a period of 106 years the slave plantation was passed down along his lineage. During those years around 250 people were allegedly enslaved by his ancestors.

In the United States Tariq Nasheed recently held an impromptu event called #Rally4Reparations. The large crowd turnout showed how important the topic is in countries where slavery was once used to support entire economic systems. It seems all around the world governments are reluctant to give descendants of slaves the money they deserve, and in some cases were promised.

In the case of America that’s especially sad, because we all know the funds to create a nationwide reparation program where confirmed descendants of slaves get payments wouldn’t be impossible to do. Yet still you’ll find most politicians rarely ever touch the subject.

If Benedict Cumberbatch is the descendant of a slave owner, does that mean he indirectly benefited from slavery?

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