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Why Did the Alien Dead Body Revealed at Mexican Congress Have Osmium Metal Implants and Eggs?

In a shocking and controversial event, the Mexican Congress held a hearing, where they displayed the dead bodies of two alleged aliens that were reportedly found in Peru around the historical area of the ancient Nazca lines in 2017. The hearing was part of an investigation on the unidentified anomalous aerial phenomena (FANI, in Spanish) that have been observed in the region. What stood out most to conspiracy theorists, was what was allegedly discovered inside the aliens.

How Old Were the Alien Corpses Shown at Mexico Congress?

According to the congressmen who organized the hearing, the alien corpses were subjected to a carbon dating process done by the Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM), which confirmed that the corpses were around 1000 years old, dating back to the year 1023. The corpses had three fingers on each hand and long heads, possibly resembling some of the geoglyphs that are etched on the desert floor of the Nazca plateau.

Why Did the Alien Dead Body Have Osmium Metal Implants?

A wave of conspiracy theories went viral, when it was revealed that the alien corpses had osmium metal implants in their bodies, which could be evidence of their advanced technology and interstellar travels. Osmium is a rare and dense metal that belongs to the platinum group of elements. It has the highest melting point and hardness among the platinum metals, and it is highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Osmium is also used as a catalyst in chemical reactions, as an alloy with other metals to make products such as instrument pivots, phonograph needles, electrical contacts, and fountain pen tips, and as a source of light in light bulbs and incandescent lamps.

Considering the unique properties of the metal, conspiracy theories speculated the aliens might have used osmium implants for various purposes, such as enhancing their physical abilities, regulating their biological functions, communicating with their spacecraft or other aliens, or protecting themselves from cosmic radiation or hostile environments.

They also suggested that osmium might have been a valuable resource for the aliens, since it is scarce and expensive on Earth. Perhaps Osmium was like the Alien’s version of Vibranium, which is the rare metal from the Black Panther universe, that gives him superpowers. Perhaps those Aliens came to earth in search of that metal, only to find out it was very scarce, and ended up dying in the process.

Were the Alien Dead Bodies Shown at Mexico Congress Fake?

The hearing sparked a heated debate among the public and the scientific community, with some people supporting the congressmen’s claims and others dismissing them as hoaxes or fabrications. Some experts questioned the validity and reliability of the carbon dating process and the osmium analysis, while others demanded more evidence and transparency from the congressmen. Some also pointed out that there have been previous cases of alleged alien corpses or artifacts that turned out to be false or inconclusive.

Dead body of Alien with Osmium Implants Found in Peru Shown at Mexico Congress Hearing
Dead body of Alien with Osmium Implants Found in Peru Shown at Mexico Congress Hearing

The Mexican government has not officially commented on the hearing or the alien corpses, but it has stated that it is open to investigating any credible reports of FANI in its territory. The Peruvian government has also not issued any statement on the matter, but it has expressed its concern over the possible damage or theft of its cultural heritage in the Nazca region. The UNAM has not confirmed or denied its involvement in the carbon dating process or the osmium analysis.

Face of Alien Corpse with Osmium Implants Found in Peru Shown at Mexico Congress Hearing
Face of Alien Corpse Found in Peru Shown at Mexico Congress Hearing

The hearing has raised many questions and controversies about the existence and origin of extraterrestrial life, as well as its implications for humanity and its history. Whether the alien corpses are real or not remains to be seen, but they have certainly captured the attention and imagination of many people around the world. Could they have anything to do with human evolution?

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