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Details on Why a Black Mother Ran Over Kids with a Minivan at Silvestri Middle School in Las Vegas

Police are investigating a dangerous incident that took place on the campus of Silvestri Middle School in Las Vegas. The incident left 4 kids injured, which is lucky considering what took place. The people involved were a group of students and an unidentified black mother.

Details on Why a Black Mother Tried Running Over Students with a Car at Silvestri Middle School in Las Vegas

According to Las Vegas police reports from Larry Hadfield, at around 2:20 pm there was fight that took place in a alley located between South Jack Leavitt Street and East LeBaron Avenue. Eyewitnesses claim the black mother ran over four kids at Silvestri Middle School after they were let out of class.

Before that happened another video shows the black mother fighting a student from Silvestri Middle School. The mother threw the first punch, but in the end she was getting beat up and thrown around by the student before running back to her car. You could hear other students cursing at her as she ran from the fight.

Take a look at the viral videos of the Silvestri Middle School fight between the black mother and student, along with the footage of her running over students with a van.

Although it may look like the black woman ran over the kids at Silvestri Middle School on purpose, police have a different view of how things happened. According to reports based on preliminary investigations Las Vegas Police believe she unintentionally struck the 4 kids with her car. Presumably she was scared, and was trying to quickly exit the situation, albeit recklessly.

Whether it was intentional or unintentional this woman is probably going to face some serious charges, but no arrests have been made.

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