Chloe Bailey Taking Selfies with BTS at AMAs After She Requested to Meet Them Puts Social Media in a Frenzy. Chloe Bailey Taking Selfies with BTS on the Red Carpet at AMAs Goes Viral. Chloe bailey and BTS taking selfies at American Music Awards. Chloe Bailey meets BTS on red carpet at AMA.

There’s no doubt about it, Chloe Bailey shut down the red carpet at the American Music Awards, culminating with an iconic moment between her and the most popular music band in the world BTS.

Chloe Bailey Taking Selfies with BTS on the Red Carpet at AMAs Goes Viral

Chloe Bailey’s dream came true while she was dazzling in her elegant outfit at the American Music Awards. Earlier in the event Chloe Bailey conveyed her desire to meet BTS . Little did she know that her dream would come true in legendary fashion.

Cameras caught the moment that Chloe Bailey took selfies with BTS, linking together two international fanbases in the most unexpected way. Take a look at how the special moment developed.

First Chloe Bailey talked about how much she wanted to meet BTS during a Red Carpet interview.

Then her dream came true as Chloe Bailey met BTS at AMAs, and took a cool selfie with them.

Chloe Bailey’s stardom continues to grow as people continue to captivated by her voice and personality. She had a controversial moment on social media a short time ago, but it showed how strong her fanbase is as they came to her defense to shut down the haters.

Chloe Bailey meeting BTS is a legendary music moment.

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