Detail about rumor iShowSpeed Got a Chance to Smash Ice Spice for His Birthday After Shooting His Shot on a Facetime Call

Is Speed smashing Ice Spice going to become reality? It was a moment that had the entire socila media world in shock; on his 18th birthday, iShowSpeed decided to take a risk and FaceTime Ice Spice in the hopes of scoring a date. The streamer behind a popular YouTube channel had been talking about Ice Spice for months, and fans of Speed had been hoping that he would end up hooking up with her.

Did Speed Really Get a Chance to Smash Ice Spice on his 18th Birthday, or was He Trolled?

The moment was a risky one, as Ice Spice had not responded positively to any of his previous attempts to flirt. However, he persevered, and on his 18th birthday he decided to make one final attempt. He called the 23 year old Ice Spice up, and the two talked for a few minutes. He wanted her to know that he was of legal age for them to get romantically involved. The conversation ended with Ice Spice agreeing to give iShowSpeed a chance since it was his birthday.

There were some fans of iShowSpeed who were not happy with the conversation. They felt that Ice Spice was clearly not interested in him, as she never showed her face during the call. Some even suggested that she was just playing around with him, and that she had no intention of actually going out on a date with him.

From a business standpoint making sure that date happens should be of the utmost importance considering all the extra attention it would bring. By agreeing to give him a “chance” did that mean just a date, or is Ice Space going to let iShowSpeed smash? He’s was definitely trying to pull up at that very moment asking her drop the location.

Here’s an example of how some of their previous conversations went. In this one Speed was picking his nose while trying to get Ice Spice to show her face to no avail.

Regardless of whether or not Ice Spice was actually interested in iShowSpeed, the moment was an iconic one. It showed how brave Speed was, and how determined he was to get a date with the girl he had been talking about for months. It also showed how devoted his fans were, and how much they wanted him to succeed. The moment was a testament to the power of social media, and the influence it can have on people’s lives.

It showed that, even in a digital world, there can be real connections made, and real risks taken. Perhaps with some luck iShowSpeed and Ice Spice will end up together in the future, but even if they don’t the moment will still be remembered as one of the most iconic moments in YouTuber history.

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