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Here Is Why YG Album “My Krazy Life” Was Removed From All Streaming Platforms and YouTube

Recently people began to notice that YG’s album “My Krazy Life” was removed from streaming platforms and YouTube quietly. At present you cannot find the album of Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. We haven’t confirmed if it has been removed from TIDAL, but most likely it has been too.

Why Are Streaming Platforms Removing YG Album “My Krazy Life”

Rumors are saying executives feel that YG’s “My Krazy Life” promotes violence towards Asians in the form of lyrical imagery. The core issue seems to be related to the song “Meet The Flockers”. In that song YG raps about robbing Asian’s houses.

Back in 2016 a fatal home invasion in Georgia where a group of men broke into a house owned by an Asian family was blamed on YG’s “Meet the Flockers” song by LAPD. However, back then you rarely heard of any race driven crimes against people of Asian descent happening, so no action was taken against his album.

The security camera footage below went viral back then, because the burglars were caught off guard when the Asian home owners had their own guns too and started firing on them.

With the current climate of hate crimes against Asians, media platforms are becoming very strict with the type of vernacular they allow about race, specifically Asians. Anything offensive past or present is being taken down very quickly, and for good reason considering the circumstances.

For example Dr. Seuss books were banned, because of racist imagery and wording about Asian people. Jeremy Lin also spoke about a D-League player making racially charged remarks towards him during a game.

Some people are going to be very displeased about one of the best YG albums getting removed from streaming platforms, but the song in question definitely has some controversial lyrics.

Who knows maybe they will decide to put the album back up with that one song removed later on down the line.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff