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Sad Video Shows Crowd Throwing Trash at Kid Cudi Making Him Quit on Stage at Rolling Loud Miami 2022

Rolling Loud Miami 2022 kicked off with a bang delivering a great experience for music fans from all across the world. However, for Kid Cudi it was probably one of the worst nights of his long career. Before the event it was announced that Kid Cudi would be replacing the legendary Kanye West as the headliner, a move that was met with much criticism. Even considering the negative reactions from social media, no one could have predicted the horrific situation that would unfold upon Kid Cudi.

Why Did Kid Cudi Cut His Set Early at Rolling Loud Miami 2022? Details About Video Showing People Throwing Trash at Kid Cudi Making Him Quit on Stage at Rolling Loud Miami

Kid Cudi’s Rolling Loud Miami night started with him watching the crowd start to leave before he even got a chance to perform. Unfortunately that was a sign of the worst things to come on his disastrous night. It didn’t help that Kid Cudi was performing right after Playboi Carti had the performance of the night according to many people. The people who decided to stay and watch Kid Cudi perform had other plans in mind to show how disappointed they were with the event replacing Kanye West.

Sad footage shows the Rolling Loud Miami 2022 crowd throwing trash at Kid Cudi on stage during his set. This led to Kid Cudi scolding the crowd threatening to leave early if another person threw trash at him. A few seconds after he warned the crowd someone threw another piece of trash at him on stage. Just as he promised Kid Cudi walked out Rolling Loud Miami abruptly cutting his set early. It was super sad to see how he had his head down with disappointment as he left the stage early as if he couldn’t believe how the crowd treated him.

It’s one thing to leave a venue early right before an artist performs, but when you stay just to throw objects at them that’s simply uncalled for. If there was anyone there who really wanted to see him perform the people throwing object at Kid Cudi ruined the night for his true fans. It would be surprising if Kid Cudi ever performs at Rolling Loud again.

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