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Who is Shauntel Trone? Pictures Go Viral after Police Arrest Wife of Man Who Killed PNB Rock as Family Plot that Led to His Murder Exposed

Back on September 12 PNB Rock was eating with his girlfriend at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Inglewood when a man wearing a purple mask entered the business, and shot him in his chest. Viral footage showed PNB Rock’s dying body on the floor of the restaurant still conscious and able to move before the first responders put him in an ambulance. He would later be pronounced dead. Recently police discovered a man named Freddie Lee Trone murdered PNB Rock, and arrested his 17 year old son. Now the plot thickens as police are now saying his wife was involved too.

Who is Shauntel Trone? Pictures of Shauntel Trone Go Viral after Police Arrest Wife of Man Who Killed PNB Rock as the Family Plot that led to his Murder Exposed

New details coming out now paint the picture that there was a family plot that led to the murder of PNB Rock, which involved a father, son, and mother. As aforementioned police reports now state that Freddie Trone is the man who killed PNB Rock. Police accused his 17 year old son of driving the getaway car according to TMZ. Based on reports Freddie Trone and his son were waiting in the parking lot before he arrived, which means they already knew where he was going before PNB’s rock’s girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang posted the location on Instagram.

After committing the crime Freddie Lee Trone and his son allegedly burned the getaway vehicle to get rid of any evidence. It’s not clear how police discovered they were responsible for PNB Rock’s murder, but presumably they used surveillance footage. Freddie Lee Trone’s mug shot has since gone viral. Recently police also arrested Shauntel Trone who is the wife of Freddie Trone on grounds that she was an accessory to the murder. They have not expounded on exactly how she helped. She was arrested in Gardena California. Shortly after the news broke leaked alleged pictures of Shauntel Trone began spreading around the internet.

Shauntel Trone

With all the information out there it’s now easy to see the PNB Rock’s murder was the result of a Family Plot to steal the expensive diamond chain he was wearing. Police say PNB Rock got shot during the altercation that ensued when he was being robbed, which makes people wonder if he would still be alive had he given up his chain without fighting back.

Swifty Blue has setup a ‘Check-in Website‘ for rappers visiting LA to hopefully prevent situations like this from happening in the future.

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