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Here’s Why ‘Mermaid’ Twins Born in Spain Are Going Viral

In nature there are many types of rare birth situations that can happen inexplicably. One of the most rare documented situations is called a ‘Mermaid’ birth, but it’s not what you think. This doesn’t mean a baby is born half fish, but something even more amazing from a medical standpoint.

Why are ‘Mermaid’ Twins Born in Spain Going Viral?

Statistically speaking a Mermaid birth has a 1 in 80,000 chance of happening. The term describes when when a woman gives birth to a baby inside an amniotic sac that hasn’t ruptured. These sacs are supposed explode when a woman’s water breaks. Naturally this is an even rarer occurrence when a mermaid birth involves twins. This amazingly rare type of conception occurred at the Vinaros Hospital in Valencia Spain.

In a viral post on Twitter a nurse from the hospital posted the video of the Spanish mermaid twins’ birth, and added this message,

“Today at the Vinaròs hospital we had a veiled caesarean section (2 twins) and here you can see the enthusiasm of the participants. Beautiful photos, don’t you think? The first veiled caesarean section I’ve seen and I loved it, and I don’t say anything to the students (although I admit that I’m the one screaming). It happens about once every 80,000 deliveries and today our students have had a day out of 10.”

Hospital picture of mermaid twins at Vinaros hospital in Valencia Spain.
Spanish mermaid twins in Spain photo description.

As you can see in the photo above the twins are healthy and doing well despite their unexpected birth situation. They will forever be known as the Spanish mermaid twins miracle. Congratulations to their parents.

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