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Racist White Man at Popeyes Threatens to Lynch Black Employee in Viral Video Rant

In today’s world there are many racist terms that can set people off. Usually this involves people calling minorities derogatory terms, but in one situation at a Popeyes in Okeechobee, Florida the racist name calling allegedly went both ways, which led to a dangerous threat towards someone’s life.

Did The Black Popeyes Employee Call the White Man a ‘Cracker’?

Viral footage of a racist white man threatening to lynch is black Popeyes employee has garnered over 3 million views on Twitter and other social media platforms. Although it hasn’t been confirmed the angry white man in the footage calls the black Popeyes’ worker the N-word, claiming that she first called him a ‘cracker’.

The manager wasn’t buying his story, as he told the man he was going to call the police. That really set the white man off as he took his racist comments way too far. He began calling all the black Popeye employees the N word racial slur, then said something that will probably land him in some legal trouble. The racist white man threatened to lynch the black Popeyes worker saying,

“When I catch you n**** a** outside, I promise you, I promise you, I’m going to beat your f****** n**** a**. I’m going to hang you from a f***** t***, b***.”

In response to the white man’s threats the Popeyes work called him a ‘cracker’, which still doesn’t prove his claim that the word was what started the whole altercation. Popeyes management has responded to the situation by pledging to help the franchise owner instruct their employees on how the properly handle situations like these when they happen.