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McDonald’s Employee Gets Knocked Out While Facetiming in Brawl Fight Video Going Viral

There’s a rule that every person knows you should follow during a fight, that is to never let your guard down. Turning your back and someone after you were just fighting with them is never a smart decision. One McDonald’s employee learned that the hard during a brawl that has since gone viral.

How a Sneak Punch Knocked Out a McDonald’s Employee Who Started Facetiming During Brawl Fight

Viral footage shows the moment two McDonald’s employees started fighting in the kitchen for some unknown reason. There must have been known beef between them, because the staff members that were watching urged people to let them fight, and didn’t really try to break up it. During the scuffle one of the employees seemed to have the upper hand in the situation, until she made the huge mistake of letting her guard down.

As you’ll see in the videos below the fight ended when one McDonald’s employee turned her back on her opponent while Facetiming someone on her phone possibly thinking she had won the fight. The other employee took advantage of her misstep, ran up behind her, and knocked her out with a sneak punch. To add insult to injury she punched her in the face a few times while she was on the ground. Whatever started the fight these two women wanted to hurt each other very badly.


The moment of the fight being talked about most was the part below.

Imagine what the person she was Facetiming was thinking when she saw the other McDonald’s employee rushing her from behind with that haymaker punch.

This is just another example of why you should never turn your back during a fight. It’s safe say those two women probably won’t be working at that location much longer.

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