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Do Leaked Emails Expose Liver King Using HGH Steroids Three Times Day Via Injection? Evidence Inside

Brian Johnson aka Liver King is one of the most famous fitness personalities in the world. He promotes a holistic lifestyle, and diet that consists exclusively of eating raw meat. Over the years many people have had suspicions about the true nature of his physique. Allegations of him using performance enhancing drugs are a common trend on social media, but no one had real concrete proof until recently.

Do Leaked Emails Expose Liver King Using Human Growth Hormone Steroids Three Times Day Via Injection? Details of the Liver King Gate Scandal

For those that don’t know Liver King aka Brian Johnson is a 45 year old man who claims to be the CEO of “Ancestral Lifestyle”. He has millions of followers on social media due to his incredible physique, and as aforementioned his diet consists of eating raw meat more specifically liver. However, recent leaked emails suggest that his diet and lifestyle is not the main component of his ripped physique.

Based on the leaked emails Liver King is using HGH sometimes three times day via injection. It appears Liver King is spending as much as $12K a month on HGH substances including Omnitrope from Empower Pharmacy, Winstrol, Decca, CJC, Test CYP, Ibutamoren, and more. In the email Liver King appears to complain about his age making it harder for him to train, recover, and keep his back fat at bay. Is this proof that Liver King is fraud who promotes a lifestyle he isn’t truly living? Take a look at the leaked email documents Outkick posted on Twitter.

Liver King’s alleged holistic raw meat lifestyle made him a celebrity all around the world. For example he was the center of attention in Europe during one event for Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Is HGH a Steroid?

While many people on social media are saying the leaked emails are proof that Liver King is using steroids, in reality they only prove that he is using Human Growth Hormone. According to science HGH is a peptide hormone, which is different from steroids. However, they both are considered anabolic, because they can spur muscle growth.

HGH is actually a natural hormone produced by the pituitary gland. As people age the human body starts to produce less, which is why people turn to unnatural forms of HGH to feel younger. If these leaked emails are real Liver King is a fraud. How deep does the rabbit hole go for this Liver King Gate scandal?