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People Think this Female TikToker Squatting at Gym is Lying About Catching a Man Staring at Her Butt For Attention

When women go to the gym is very tight clothing that shows off every detail of their body, most people would assume they expect people stare at them.

However, in most cases women say they don’t want the extra attention, despite wearing clothes that will likely bring extra attention. Nevertheless it isn’t right for a man to make a woman feel uncomfortable by ogling her at the gym while trying get a workout in. This is the situation that allegedly went down in a viral video of a female TikToker squatting at the gym in very revealing spandex clothing.

Is the Female TikToker Squatting at Gym Lying about a Man Staring at Her Butt?

In the viral video the female TikTok user was trying to squat when she claimed to notice a middle aged man standing behind her staring at her butt. She claims she didn’t want to do a set since it required her to bend over, and recorded herself asking the man why he was staring. However, people noticed some things about the video that make it seem like it was fake.

Many people pointed out that if a middle age man was really standing behind the squatting TikToker, you would be able to see his reflection in the gym mirror. In the video below you can see people standing in the background, but none of them are a middle aged man. Where exactly was the man she was referring to standing if he can’t be seen in the mirror?

Secondly people think it’s strange that the female TikToker recorded herself doing squats in the very revealing spandex shorts, then posted a video on the internet that focuses on her butt, despite the fact she claimed to feel uncomfortable about people staring at her butt.

Does she like the internet attention of people staring at her butt? Or was she only uncomfortable, because of the alleged man was middle aged?

Take a look at the video of the female TikToker doing squats while a man is allegedly standing behind her. Does it seem a bit staged and fake?

This is the only moment in the video where you can see a man in the mirror reflection of the background. As you can see that person has his back completely turned to her, but strangely that was a moment where she claimed to stop mid set, because a middle aged man was staring at her.

People Think this Female TikToker Squatting at Gym is Lying About Catching a Man Staring at Her Butt For Attention. Video of Female Tiktoker squatting at gym catches middle age man staring at her butt

Maybe she’s telling truth, but it’s easy to see why people think she’s lying too. Nevertheless when you’re at the gym even if you are waiting for someone to finish with a machine it’s best not stare too much, because many people simply don’t like being watched while they are working out, and it makes you look like a creep.

This female TikToker might be better off going to an women only gym, or wearing less revealing attire if she is really experiencing people ogling her.

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