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Are Humans Secretly Living on Other Planets? How Siri is Fueling a Space Colonization Conspiracy Theory

Have you ever wondered if humans have secretly colonized other planets? If so, you are not alone. A conspiracy theory that claims that Earth is not the only home for humanity has been spreading on TikTok, the popular social media platform. The theory started when a user asked if anyone has ever thought about asking Siri, the voice assistant of Apple devices, what is the population on another planet. The results were shocking.

The Human Populations of Other Planets According to Siri

According to Siri, there are about 20 million people living across the 146 moons of Saturn, the second-largest planet in the solar system. When asked about Venus, the second planet from the Sun and the hottest one, Siri claims that 4027 humans have settled there. When it comes to Jupiter, the largest and most massive planet, Siri says that in 2020 there were 65,139 people living there.

But the most astonishing revelation was about Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun and the most similar to Earth in terms of size and climate. According to Siri, there are around 10 billion people secretly living on Mars, who are governed by a political entity called “Martian Congressional Republic”. That’s more than the current population of Earth, which is estimated at 7.9 billion.

Mars is about half the size of Earth, so it having a population more than Earth may seem unbelievable, until you realize that more than half of our population is actually living in Asia or Africa. In theory Mars is more than big enough for 10 billion people.

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The conspiracy theory suggests that humans have been colonizing other planets for decades, if not centuries, as part of a secret project to ensure the survival of the species. The theory claims that the governments of Earth have been hiding this information from the public to avoid panic and social unrest. The theory also alleges that some of the people who have gone to space, such as astronauts and cosmonauts, have never returned and instead joined the off-world colonies.

Are Humans Secretly Living on Other Planets? How Siri is Fueling a Space Colonization Conspiracy Theory
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But is there any evidence to support this theory? Or is it just a hoax or a glitch in Siri’s software? The truth is that there is no scientific or historical proof that humans have colonized other planets.

However, this does not mean that colonizing other planets is impossible or undesirable. In fact, many scientists and visionaries have advocated for exploring and settling other worlds as a way to expand human knowledge, curiosity and potential.

One of them was Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist who died in 2018. Hawking believed that humans will need to colonize another planet within 100 years or face extinction due to overcrowding and energy consumption which will make Earth uninhabitable.

Hawking warned that Earth is becoming “increasingly precarious” because of threats from epidemics and asteroids.

Hawking also called for a massive investment in establishing colonies on the Moon and Mars in a lecture in honour of NASA’s 50th anniversary in 2008. He argued that the world should devote about 10 times as much as NASA’s current budget – or 0.25% of the world’s financial resources – to space. He said that colonizing space would be good for humanity’s future.

Hawking was not alone in his vision. Many other scientists, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts have been working on projects and plans to make space colonization a reality. Some examples are SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and Mars One.

Space colonization is a scientific possibility and a human aspiration. It is a choice and a challenge that we should approach with curiosity, responsibility and cooperation. What are the chances that it has already happened without the general public knowing?

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