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Did FBI CIA Agents Murder the TikToker Who Went Missing After Recording Giant on Jasper Mountain?

The conspiracy theory that a TikToker was killed by the FBI and CIA after posting footage of a giant on top of Jasper mountain has been making the rounds on social media platforms. The story began when Andrew Dawson, a Canadian TikToker, posted a video of a mysterious, tall figure on top of a mountain in April 2022. Not too long after the TikTok user went missing, and was later confirmed dead.

The footage quickly went viral and soon conspiracy theorists began to speculate that the figure was an extraterrestrial being and that the FBI and CIA had got to him to cover up the story, which is why he went missing. The conspiracy theory quickly gained traction, with some claiming that the FBI and CIA had targeted the TikToker in order to cover up their involvement in the sighting of the mysterious giant. There were also claims that the mysterious figure was actually a military drone, or some other type of advanced technology being tested by the government.

The conspiracy theory also alleged that the FBI and CIA had gotten to Andrew Dawson in order to silence him, as his video had gone viral and was creating a stir in the media. Proponents of the theory claimed that the government was trying to prevent the public from learning the truth about what had happened on the mountain.

In response to the conspiracy theory, some have pointed out that the FBI and CIA have denied any involvement in Andrew Dawson’s death, and that there is no evidence to suggest that they were involved. Others have argued that the conspiracy theory is simply a fabrication, and that the mysterious figure on the mountain was most likely a natural phenomenon.

Despite the lack of evidence, the conspiracy theory has still taken hold in certain circles, with some believing that the government is hiding something. Whether or not the conspiracy theory is true remains to be seen, but it has certainly added an interesting twist to the mysterious figure on the mountain. Andrew Dawson’s cause of death is still unknown till this day.

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