Did you ever have a moment in life where your parents left you inside a car to go inside a store, but took a little longer than expected? In those moments you get so bored wondering what’s taking them so long. People can just sent a text or call their parent to tell them to hurry up, but what about in the case of a dog? A video trending on TikTok shows what could happen in that type of situation involving a K-9 family member.

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Video Showing Dog Honking Car Horn at Owner Who Left Him in Car Goes Viral

Footage posted by TikToker bakela_352 shows the moment chaos erupted in the parking lot of a store after her pet dog got a bit agitated from being left inside her car. The dog pressed the car horn until she came outside, then honked once more when she was near the car to seemingly make a bold statement. The owner felt embarrassed by the situation, and scolded her dog for misbehaving.

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She assured viewers that she was only in the store for 5 minutes and left the Air Conditioner on, because some people were saying she was wrong for leaving the dog in the car.

This footage could be more proof of the conspiracy theory that dogs are slowly getting smarter by being around humans all the time. In recent months there have been more and more videos of dogs acting human. How long will it be before they start speaking human language?

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