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Is Lauren London Pregnant in 2021? Rumors of Lauren London’s New Pregnancy Is Shocking Fans

Is Lauren London pregnant in 2021?. A new report from an LA newspaper claims that Lauren London is expecting. Details are seem slim right now, but Lauren London is allegedly having a baby shower to celebrate later this week.

This brings up the question is Nipsey Hussle the father? Given that he died on March 19, 2019 the time frame just doesn’t fit.

Based on the report everyone close to Lauren London is ecstatic about her being pregnant, due to the amount of sorrow she has dealt since losing the love of her life. Lauren London has advocated the importance of healing during speeches on Instagram Live, and having a new child definitely can aid with her healing process.

It’s important to note that at the moment it’s just a strong rumor that Lauren London is pregnant, but hasn’t been confirmed by any other source besides the LA Sentinel Newspaper. Hopefully somehow someway the child belongs to Nipsey Hussle, because it wouldn’t seem right if it wasn’t to a lot of people.

Lauren London should release a statement confirming if the pregnancy news is true or not, because it has the hiphop world spinning right now.

Author: JordanThrilla

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