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Pat Collins ‘Mike is a Cheater’ Reaction Video Goes Viral After Veterans’ Car Mistakenly Vandalized By Mike’s Girlfriend

When you catch someone cheating on you it’s always best to let them be, and go your separate way. However, in many cases the emotional pain infidelity causes people to do drastic things to get revenge, which usually makes the situation worse. That remains true in the case of a cheater named Mike and a veteran named Nedra Brantley.

Pat Collins’ “Mike is a Cheater” Video Goes Viral after Mike’s Girlfriend Vandalizes Wrong Car

This crazy situation started when Veteran Nedra Brantley woke up in the morning to find her car was completely damaged from being vandalized. The windows were shattered, rear view mirrors broken off, and her license plates were covered with black paint. The strangest part of it all was messages saying ‘Mike is a Cheater’.

Of course the plot twist was it wasn’t Mike’s car. He must have had a red Mitsubishi Outlander Sport that looked just like Nedra Brantley’s, because Mike’s girlfriend vandalized the wrong car. On NBC news Pat Collins’ reaction to the ‘Mike is a Cheater’ vandalism debacle was classic. In the video Pat Collins holds his hands in prayer while saying to Mike,

“Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike. See what you’ve done. I don’t who you are, I don’t where you are, but you might want to start changing your ways.”

If Mike really cheated on someone, then this entire string of unfortunate events started due to him. However, the person who vandalized Veteran Nedra Brantley’s car has a whole new set of problems, and Mike’s actual car remains undamaged.

Yet another example of why taking drastic measures to get revenge on a cheater is never worth it. Everyone lost in this situation.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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