Donald Trump time as president may have just officially come to an end. According to US Department of State website Donald Trump has been removed from his position as President of the United States.

If you go to the US Government State Department website it says Donald Trump’s presidency ended January 11th at 19:41:28 army time. This means Donald Trump’s presidency ended about 20 minutes ago. Take a look at the evidence.

There are only two scenarios that could be possible for this to be posted on the US State Department website. The first scenario means that the 25th Amendment was invoked and Donald Trump was impeached. The second scenario would be that the US Department of State website has been hacked.

If the first scenario is true, Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States. It means Donald Trump’s time as president ended on January 11th, a day that will go down in the history books.

Author: JordanThrilla