A quiet Saturday in Salt Lake City Utah was flipped upside down when residents throughout the entire town heard a loud boom. According to reports the loud boom was so powerful that it felt like an earthquake. People around social media detailed feeling their homes and work buildings shake violently. Viral footage may show that the loud boom in Salt Lake City was space related.

Did a Meteorite Cause a Loud Boom in Utah? Video Showing Meteorite Falling Before Loud Boom in Salt Lake City Sparks Conspiracy Theory

According to reports the loud boom in Salt City Lake City Utah was first reported around 8:30 this morning. The University of Utah Seismology confirmed that noise was not caused by an earthquake like many people first thought. However, there is evidence that an object falling from space hitting the earth at a high rate of speed may have been responsible.

As you’ll see below a video circulating social media shows a meteorite falling in Salt Lake City before the loud boom was heard.

In addition The National Weather posted a message indicating their GOES-17 lightning Mapper may have detected a meteorite over Salt Lake City’s Davis and Morgan counties. In the images below the reddish pixels may actually be the meteor trail. NWS seems to have ruled out the possibility of thunderstorm activity causing the blip on their radar. However, nothing is confirmed yet, because even the NWS seems to be describing the meteorite idea as a Salt Lake City loud boom conspiracy theory.

Take a look at the footage and tweet.

Pay close attention to the top left skyline. You’ll see a fast moving ball of light falling towards the ground, which is presumably a meteor breaking through Earth’s atmosphere.

If a meteorite caused the loud boom in Salt Lake City Utah there are many worrying questions. If it landed was there any property damage, or injuries near the crash site? If it didn’t land was the noise actually a sonic boom? These questions will hopefully be answered as the investigation continues. One of the most unexpected starts to a weekend for Salt Lake City residents.

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