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#BoycottNBA Trends As People Plan to Boycott NBA on Grounds Kyrie Irving was Suspended on False Accusations of Being Anti-Semitic

The Nets recent decision to suspend Kyrie Irving for at least 5 games has struck a chord within many NBA fans like never seen before. The suspension was latest incident in the trend of what most people feel is the media falsely accusing Kyrie Irving on being Anti-Semitic. This all started after he posted a documentary in a tweet that had no words, and just a link to the movie “Hebrew to Negroes: Wake Up Black America”, which has been on Amazon since 2018.

Rather than going at Amazon for profiting off the film, the media directed their “anger” towards Kyrie Irving accusing him of being Anti-Semitic. Irving clearly stated several times that labeling him as such is unjust, and even explained that he didn’t mean to offend anyone. Yet still the NBA decided to suspend him even after he donated $500K to organizations that fight against Anti-Semitism. In addition, Irving also made it clear that he didn’t agree with everything in the documentary, but even that wasn’t enough for the powers that be. Now fans want to take action against the NBA for what they feel is an attempt to bully Kyrie Irving with false accusations.

Now before we go into what’s happening on social media, we need to take a closer look at the video the media alleges was him refusing to apologize. In the footage below Kyrie clearly apologizes, and also clearly stated he is not anti-Semitic, yet the media kept asking him if he is. He also posted a tweet explaining he wasn’t. That is part of the reason many people feel there might be an ulterior motive going on here, which has made many NBA fans very uneasy from a cultural standpoint. Apparently the media and NBA wanted to hear Kyrie say the specific words “I’m sorry”, which many people think seems more like a power trip than anything.

#IStandwithKyrie and #BoycottNBA Goes Viral as People Urge Fans to Boycott the NBA for Suspending Kyrie Irving

On social media several hashtags began to trend in support of Kyrie such as #IStandwithKyrie, but the one that went most viral was #BoycottNBA. The same way the NBA is causing Kyrie Irving to lose money on what most people feel are false accusations of being anti-Semitic, people want to join together and make NBA lose money for their actions too. As such thousands of tweets urging people to boycott the NBA for suspending Kyrie Irving took over social media.