Zion Williamson Elbows Jake Layman In the Face While Dunking on Him. Was It Cheap Shot?

Zion Williamson elbowed Jake Layman in the face while dunking on him during Pelicans vs Timberwolves. Some people think Zion took a cheap shot Jake Layman, because there was a wind up in mid air before it happened. It was easy to see he could see his target before the elbow landed perfectly on his jaw.

Surprisingly the referees didn’t call an offensive foul on Zion Williamson, which added insult to injury for Jake Layman. Remember Zion is currently 284 pounds so those elbows have to be painful.

If this footage proves anything it’s that you can never say Jake Layman has a glass jaw. Even without protecting his face he ate up Zion Williamson’s elbow and just keep playing on.

Zion tried to make him lay man, but Layman wasn’t having it.

Author: JordanThrilla

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