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Kevin Durant says ‘PAUSE’ After Potentially Gay Comment During Postgame Interview After Nets Third Straight Loss

Kevin Durant returned to Nets lineup after missing 47 days of NBA basketball, but the losing woes continued for his team. In what was supposed to be a relatively easy win against a Heat team that missing Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry, and PJ Tucker the Nets found themselves losing their third straight game in a row. Despite the negatives of the situation there was an unexpectedly hilarious moment during Kevin Durant’s postgame press conference.

Kevin Durant says ‘PAUSE’ After Gay Comment During Postgame Interview After Nets Third Straight Loss

Against the Heat’s incredible defense, Kevin Durant didn’t miss a beat despite missing over one month of basketball. His jump shot was as silky smooth as it has ever been, and he was moving gracefully around the court. However, his team struggled to hold an early lead, and found themselves on the short end of Heat’s comeback efforts led by Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo.

During his postgame interview Kevin Durant made a potentially gay comment while explaining to reporters how he felt on the basketball court after missing so much time. After saying “Take more of the load out there”, Kevin Durant said “Pause” after realizing how seemingly gay his comment sounded depending of how you interpret what he said.

Skip to the 48 seconds mark.

Will Kevin Durant Get Fined for Saying ‘Pause’ after Potentially Gay Comment?

Over the years the NBA has cracked down on players using slang terms that could be seen as homophobic. We all remember when Nikola Jokic got fined $75,000 for saying “No Homo” during a postgame interview. After receiving that fine Nikola Jokic seemingly boycotted NBA reporters for a few days by only giving one word answers.

Kevin Durant saying “Pause” essentially means the same thing as saying “No Homo”. However, in the past the NBA has only fined players for using the slang term that the hip-hop group Dipset made popular, which is “no homo”. For example Dwight Howard has said “pause” during postgame interviews, and never got fined for it.

It’s highly unlikely KD will be fined since he said “pause” rather than “no homo”, but from a professional standpoint NBA players should refrain from using both terms in that context.

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