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Luka Doncic Almost Fights Pistons Coaching Staff Then Drops Gangster Message on Them in Post Game Interview

Luka Doncic is quickly becoming one of those guys in the league you just don’t want to get mad. It was another spectacular night for the young superstar as he put up another 50 piece on the Detroit Pistons. Throughout the game there was chatter back and forth between Luka and Pistons bench, which continued on until the game was over.

Things reached a boiling point when Luka Doncic almost fights Piston Coaching staff as they almost squared up in the closing moments of the game. Luka won the war words not only by dropping 53 points, but also with his strong message after the game when discussing the events that took place.

Gangster Luka Doncic Delivers Message to Pistons Coaching Staff in Post Game Interview

When asked about the words exchanged between him and Pistons coaching staff, Luka Doncic said, “They didn’t like when I chirped back. If they’re gonna chirp at me, I’m gonna chirp back. I ain’t scared”. That’s probably the most gangster thing an NBA player has said this season, especially after dropping a masterful 50 piece.

In terms of sheer dominance while being a big primary ball handler with premium point guard abilities, Luka Doncic is the closet thing we have seen to a less athletic Lebron James. This guy is truly taking the souls out of the teams, the way prime Lebron was doing during his Cavalier days.

Luka Doncic almost fighting Pistons entire coaching staff then telling them “I ain’t scared” after dropping more than 50 points is a moment that will be etched in basketball history.

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