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D’Angelo Russell Forgets He Checked into the Game Confidently Watching His Team Play 4 on 5 vs Suns

D’Angelo Russell is now part of basketball history after the “Shaqtin’ a Fool” incident during Timberwolves latest game vs Suns. Over the years we’ve all seen moments where it seems like a player’s mind shuts down mid game. For example there was the JR Smith moment where he forgot his team didn’t have the lead in a pivotal moment where they needed to take the lead, Andrew Wiggins forgetting to wear a jersey under his warmups, and Michael Beasley wearing the wrong shorts during a Lakers game. Now those moments have been one upped in a way that just doesn’t seem real.

How Did D’Angelo Russell Forget He Checked Into the Game?

Did you ever think you would see footage of an NBA player sitting on the sideline watching his team play 4 on 5? On this special day D’Angelo Russell forgot he was in the game, not even noticing there were only 4 people from his team on the basketball court. When Coach Chris Finch started shouting at him to enter the action he still looked confused. It has been rough season for the Timberwolves so far with rumors of growing tension between their young core of Anthony Edwards and Karl Anthony Towns. D’Angelo Russell’s “Shaqtin’ a Fool” moment could be a sign that some players may have already mentally checked out only 12 games in.

There might be something in that Timberwolves water, because Andrew Wiggins forgot to put on his jersey when he was part of the team.

D’Angelo Russell forgetting he checked into the game tells the story of a night where the Suns demolished the T’Wolves 129 – 117. Rudy Gobert outscored and outrebounded Karl Anthony Towns who took the least amount of shots in their starting 5.

It’s still early, but at the moment the Timberwolves look to be on a shaky path of uncertainty about their future. They have the makings of a team that’s still searching for a true identity.

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