LaMelo Ball Doesn't Recognize His Rookie Of the Year Trophy During Surprise Reveal by Miles Bridges

It’s official the BBB legend LaMelo Ball is rookie of the year. Getting an outstanding majority vote of 84 to Anthony Edward’s 15, it was clear the entire basketball community was impressed by what he was able to accomplish. The process of letting LaMelo know he was selected didn’t happen without a hilarious blooper. LaMelo Ball didn’t recognize his rookie of the year award during a surprise reveal by Miles Bridges.

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Based on the footage it seems LaMelo was tricked into thinking he was doing a general interview while walking through Hornets apparel store. Then Miles Bridges showed him a jersey with his number “2”, and “Rookie of the Year” on the back, but LaMelo still hadn’t caught on. Next he moved a jersey that was hanging up to reveal his award sitting behind it. LaMelo didn’t recognize his ROY trophy that was right in front of him, and focused his attention on some other items.

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To quickly fix the funny situation Miles Bridges said, “you not even looking” while pointing to his name on the rookie of the year trophy. When finally realized what was happening, Lamelo Ball’s reaction was priceless. It was easy to see this meant a lot to him.

During his acceptance interview Ernie Johnson compared him to Pistol Pete Maravich. Fittingly, LaMelo Ball revealed he is one of his favorite players, and actively studied his game. He also mentioned Kyrie, which makes sense when you think about his layup package.

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Before he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets there were many doubters that criticized LaMelo and his father Lavar Ball. Some people said sending him overseas would ruin any chance he had of making the NBA. Low and behold going overseas to Australia and Lithuania vastly improved his game, and LaMelo himself confirmed it. He’s now also rookie of the year, imagine that.

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As LaMelo Ball’s legend grows, people should always remember his first shoe deal was with Big Baller Brand.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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