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Thirsty Commentator Announcer Starts Singing to Woman in Crowd and Is Ready To Risk It All on Live TV After Losing Composure

We’ve all had moments where we forget our surroundings, but those moments are never supposed to happen while you’re working. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself even if you are on Live TV. For example a thirsty commentator announcer started singing to a woman in the crowd during a soccer match. This commentator was ready to risk it all for the woman in crowd, and lost composure on Live TV.

The random woman had her legs on chair when the commentator stop talking and started making noises such as, “aaaahhh uuuhhh ahhppp”. Then he started serenading the woman with his vocal music as if she could hear what he was saying. This guy was really in fantasy land.

The funniest part about this situation is that the camera man instigated the situation by making sure to zoom in closer on the woman. If this happened in America there would probably be outrage, but in other countries people might not bat an eye.

Regardless an announcer commentator thirsty over a woman sitting in the crowd on Live TV seems so unprofessional. Imagine if her husband was watching the live telecast.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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