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Why is Rapper Cam’ron Beefing with ESPN? Details on Why Camron Called Out Malika Andrews

Cam’ron, the rapper and host of the “It is what it is” podcast, has expressed his frustration with ESPN for using his content without giving him proper credit.

Details on Why Cam’ron is Beefing with ESPN

Cam’ron recently interviewed NBA star Damian Lillard on his podcast, where Lillard opened up about his trade request from the Portland Trail Blazers. ESPN aired a segment of the podcast on its show NBA Today, but did not mention Cam’ron’s name or the name of his podcast even once.

Cam’ron took to Instagram to call out ESPN for its lack of acknowledgment. He posted a message that read, “Yo Malika, Richard, romona, and staff, start giving @itiswhatitis_talk a lil shout or something. Two days straight ya’ll just curve where the content is coming from. When it’s Gill’s or PG13 show u shout them out. What’s really good?!”. Cam’ron was referring to Malika Andrews, Richard Jefferson, and Ramona Shelburne, who are the hosts and analysts of NBA Today, as well as other ESPN personalities who have their own podcasts.

Cam’ron’s message implied that ESPN may have a double standard when it comes to crediting sources, especially if they are rappers. He suggested that ESPN would have given more recognition to other podcasters such as Gilbert Arenas (Gill) or Paul George (PG13), who are former or current NBA players.

ESPN has not responded to Cam’ron’s message publicly. However, some fans and media outlets have supported Cam’ron’s claim that he deserves more respect for his work. They have praised his podcast for providing insightful and candid conversations with NBA players and celebrities. They have also criticized ESPN for being unfair and unprofessional in its use of Cam’ron’s content.

This incident shows that there may be some tension between the rap world and the sports world, especially when it comes to giving credit where credit is due.

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