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“He’s a Trump” Goes Viral As Social Media Slams Tom Brady For Being a Trump Supporter After Winning Super Bowl LV

“He’s a Trump” is viral, because people are angry a Trump Supporter won Super Bowl LV. The term “He’s Trump” became a trend after people slammed Tom Brady for supporting Donald Trump avidly throughout his football career.

Many people couldn’t stand the fact that people were ignoring Tom Brady’s political affiliation and showering with him love after he won his 7th Championship in Super Bowl LV.

Is the anger warranted or should people be able to separate politics from sports and love Tom Brady unconditionally in the sports sense? Take a look at some emotional “He’s a Trump” tweets regarding Tom Brady being Trump Supporter after Super Bowl LV victory.

At some point people have to realize your political views don’t always dictate the type of person you are. When racists were berating Antonio Brown who is a black man, Tom Brady took him in and let him live in his house, which turned his life around completely.

Also, a lot of people calling out Tom Brady for supporting Trump are Joe Biden supporters. Truth be told Joe Biden has past ties to the KKK and supported segregationist policies, which makes supporting a bit suspect in itself too.

However, we all know people who are strongly into politics are usually very biased and will never see both sides of the coin, so Tom Brady’s political affiliation Trump will always haunt him given all the crazy things Trump did during his presidency.

“He’s a Trump” trending due to Tom Brady being Trump Supporter will probably be the biggest story of Super Bowl LV over the next few days. This is why sometimes it’s best for athletes and public figures to remain private with their political views.

Author: JordanThrilla