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Did Tyronn Lue Forget He’s Coaching Clippers During Game 3 vs Mavericks?

The coach most known for having brain farts during games may have had another incident added to list. With 2:52 seconds left to go in Game 3 vs Mavericks it appears Tyronn Lue forgot he was coaching the Clippers.

The incident came on play where Marcus Morris fouled out, but was complaining that a foul never happened. During this moment Tyronn Lue had a lost look on his face, and seemed to completely forget he was head coach of the Clippers. He only came to his senses after it seemed like almost every assistant coach on Clippers bench started yelling at him to wake up and challenge the play.

Tyronn Lue reacted like he had no idea what was going on, then decided to challenge the play. However, he probably had no idea what he was actually challenging.

Although Tyronn Lue won a championship, and was coach of multiple finals teams he still has bad rep when it comes to coaching. During his days on the Cavaliers most people considered Lebron James the real coach. Hilarious moments like these don’t help his case at all.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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