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Alperen Sengun Saying ‘My Ankle F***ed Up’ After Gruesome Ankle Injury Requiring Wheelchair Was a Sad Moment

In the NBA, every second counts, because a single moment can change the course of a game, a season, or even a career. Such a moment occurred in a recent game between the Houston Rockets and the Sacramento Kings, when Alperen Sengun, one of the Rockets’ star players, suffered a potentially season-ending injury.

How Did Alperen Sengun Injure His Ankle?

The incident occurred after the Kings managed to steal the ball. In an attempt to block Domantas Sabonis, Sengun landed awkwardly on his ankle. The slow-motion replay was not for the faint-hearted.

It showed Sengun’s ankle bending completely, bearing the full weight of his body. To the untrained eye, it appeared as though his ankle might be broken, or that he had suffered a Grade 4 sprain, one of the most severe types of sprains that can occur.

As medical personnel rushed to attend to him on the court, Sengun was heard uttering four words that sent chills down the spines of everyone present: “My ankle f***ed up”.

These words, spoken amidst the pain and shock of the injury, painted a grim picture of the severity of his condition. The sight of Sengun being wheeled off the court in a wheelchair only added to the growing concern.

News of the incident spread rapidly, not just among those present at the game, but across the entire NBA community. The four words uttered by Sengun became a rallying cry, a symbol of the harsh reality of the sport that every player knows but hopes never to face. Fans from all over sent their prayers and well-wishes, hoping for a speedy recovery for the young star.

Alperen Sengun Appeared to Be Crying As He was Wheelchaired Off the Court
Alperen Sengun Appeared to Be Crying As He was Wheelchaired Off the Court Image Credit: YouTube/NBA

Sengun’s injury is not just a loss for the Rockets, but for the entire NBA community. His talent and potential have made him one of the most promising young stars in the league.

The possibility of a season-ending injury is a harsh blow, not just for Sengun, but for all who appreciate the sport. His nickname was “Walmart Nikola Jokic”, and ode to the way he plays the game.

In the coming days and weeks, the focus will be on Sengun’s recovery. The hope is that the injury is not as severe as initially feared, and that he will be able to return to the court sooner rather than later.

As we await further updates on Sengun’s condition, we are reminded of the unpredictable nature of the sport. One moment, a team is on the verge of victory, the next, they are facing the potential loss of a key player.

Until then, the words “My ankle f***ed up” will continue to echo, a reminder of the incident that has temporarily sidelined one of the NBA’s rising stars.

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