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Is Bronny James Shorter Than Stephen Curry, or Taller?

One of the most heated debates in the NBA world right now is whether Bronny James, the son of LeBron James, is shorter or taller than Stephen Curry, the star of the Golden State Warriors. The controversy started when a video clip showed Curry greeting Bronny courtside at the Lakers vs Warriors Game 3 of their second round playoffs matchup. The video went viral on social media, with fans and analysts comparing the heights of the two players.

Is Bronny James Taller than Stephen Curry, or Shorter?

Some people are claiming that Bronny is shorter than Curry, because in the video it seemed that Curry’s eye level was above Bronny’s eye level. They argue that this is a more reliable indicator of height than the top of the head, which can vary depending on hair style and posture. They also point out that Bronny is still growing, and may not have reached his full height potential yet, although he has stayed around his current height for the past few years.

However, some people think Bronny is taller than Curry, because in the video it looked like the apex of his head was slightly above the apex of Curry’s head. They contend that this is a more accurate measure of height than the eye level, which can be affected by facial features and angles. They also note that Bronny had on slides with thick soles, while Curry had on sneakers with thick soles, which could have given Curry an extra boost. At the same time, Bronny’s afro could be misconstruing where the apex of his head really is.

Bronny James Height compared to Stephen Curry's height.
Does This Picture Prove Bronny James is Shorter Than Stephen Curry?

The truth is, both Bronny and Curry are officially listed at 6 feet 2 inches, so the video definitely proves they are at the very least around the same height. However, since height can fluctuate throughout the day and depending on footwear, it is hard to say for sure who is taller without a precise measurement. Until then, the debate will likely continue to rage on among NBA fans and experts. One thing that is certain is that Bryce James is taller than both of them.

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