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Cam Newton Revealing Thing D1 Schools Would Never Reveal to Athletes Goes Viral

In a recent viral video, former NFL star Cam Newton shared some valuable advice with young aspiring football players about the college recruiting process. Newton, who won the Heisman Trophy and a national championship at Auburn University, spoke passionately about the importance of putting one’s career first, and choosing the right school for one’s development. He gave them insights on some things that many people believe D1 schools would never reveal to an athlete.

Newton told the young athletes that they should not be swayed by the prestige or reputation of big-name schools like Alabama or Georgia, but rather focus on finding a school where they can play and showcase their talent. He said that if someone is a good player, it does not matter where they go, because the scouts will find them. He also warned them that the schools are always looking out for themselves first, and that they should do the same.

Newton’s video has received a lot of attention and praise on social media, as many people appreciated his honesty and wisdom. Some also criticized the college football system for being unfair and exploitative of young players. Newton’s video is a powerful reminder that there is more than one path to success in football, and that young players should be smart and confident about their choices.

Newton’s advice could be based on his own experience of transferring from Florida to a junior college before landing at Auburn, where he led the Tigers to an undefeated season in 2010. Some other famous examples of successful players who came from smaller schools are Antonio Brown and Khalil Mack.

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