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Dennis Schroder Laughs at Devin Booker and Does Knuckle Pushups After Dirty Play Foul Where He Pushes Him Out the Air

Devin Booker’s frustration boiled over during Lakers vs Suns Game 3, but it led to a rather comedic moment. The incident came when Devin Booker pushed Dennis Schroder out the air on what was clearly a dirty play. Rather than get mad Dennis Schroder laughed at Devin Booker, and did knuckle pushups to flex his high pain tolerance.

This was the second scary moment of the game for Schroder, because earlier in the game he hurt his ankle after getting fouled. This time around the contact didn’t phase him at all, and he embarrassed Booker in the process.

Here is the angle that show Dennis Schroder laughing at Devin Booker trying to be a dirty player.

Dennis Schroder definitely exaggerated the roll after he hit the ground, but that was a very dangerous play nevertheless. It was surprising to see Devin Booker do something like that, but this is the playoffs where emotions run deep. Devin Booker was forced to leave the game with that being his 6th foul.

Lakers now have a commanding 2-1 lead.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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