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Did Ex-NBA Star Von Wafer Insinuate a Secretly Gay NBA Superstar Player Had Him Blackballed From the League?

Former NBA player Von Wafer has made a shocking revelation about his career and the reason why he never played in the league again after the 2011-12 season. In a recent podcast interview, Wafer insinuated that he was blackballed by the NBA for accidentally exposing his secretly gay superstar teammate, whom he did not name.

The Story of How Von Wafer Accidentally Outed a Secretly Gay NBA Superstar

Wafer, who played for seven teams in six seasons, did not say when the incident happened, but he did explain where and how it went down. He said that he was in his hotel room one night, expecting his teammate to join him for some video games. However, things took an unexpected turn when his teammate entered the room with a strange look on his face, took his TV remote, and ordered a gay adult film.

Wafer said that he thought it was a prank and laughed it off, unaware that his teammate was likely actually gay. He said that he told his other teammates about the incident the next day, hoping to share a funny story. However, he was stunned when everyone on the team fell silent instead of laughing with him. At that moment, he realized that he had inadvertently outed his superstar teammate as possibly gay.

Wafer said that from the look on people’s face it seem that he had revealed secret that some people knew, but was never supposed to be mentioned in a public setting. He insinuated that secretly gay NBA teammate was very influential in the league and had connections with other players, coaches, and executives, because he reiterated the person was a “superstar” in the league at the time. He implied that his teammate used his power to sabotage his career, and prevent him from getting another job in the NBA.

Was Dwight Howard the Secretly Gay NBA Superstar Who Had Him Blackballed From the League?

Wafer’s story has sparked a lot of speculation and curiosity among NBA fans and media, as many people are wondering who the unnamed superstar is. Some people have pointed out that the last team Wafer played for was the Orlando Magic, and that the only superstar on that team at the time was Dwight Howard, who has recently admitted to hooking with multiple men in court documents.

Howard, who is currently facing a civil lawsuit from a man who claims that Howard intimately assaulted him. In the past Dwight Howard has denied being gay, but allegedly said he messes with men when he is “feeling nasty” based on leaked text messages. However, he has not commented on Wafer’s claims, so the superstar in question remains unknown.

Wafer’s story raises some important questions about the culture and environment of the NBA, and how it affects NBA players. This is one of many stories fans have heard about players whose opportunities were taken away for non-basketball reasons.

In this case it seems like he made a simple mistake, which allegedly cost him a longer NBA career. What was the alleged NBA superstar trying to accomplish by ordering that adult film in Von Wafer’s room?

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