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Dwight Howard Responds to Camron and Mase’s Reaction to Leaked Court Documents from Lawsuit Involving Two Gay Men

A few months ago it was revealed that Former Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard is facing a lawsuit from a man who claimed the NBA player assaulted him, and tried to coerce him into having a threesome with another man dressed as a woman named Kitty. Recently RadarOnline leaked alleged court documents, in which Howard allegedly admits meeting the two men for intimate activities, but claims what took place was consensual.

Details About the Gay Man’s Lawsuit Against Dwight Howard

The plaintiff, Stephen Harper, says he met Howard on Instagram and exchanged adult messages with him before agreeing to visit his home in Georgia.

According to the lawsuit, Harper reached out to Howard on Instagram on May 29, 2021, via his secondary account. He sent his phone number to Howard, who responded with a devil emoji. The two then continued texting and flirting, with Howard asking Harper for nude photos, and telling him he was “into freaky” stuff. Howard also told Harper that he was not gay, but “jus a lil nasty sometimes”.

At the time of texts Dwight Howard was apparently in Atlanta for an NBA game, which is where Harper allegedly lived. The screenshots of the alleged text conversation shows Howard told Harper he was “thinking about that meat”, before asking who was at his house.

The alleged text messages end with Dwight Howard asking Harper if he wanted to have a threesome. When Harper replied “with who lol, and is that what you want”, Howard replied “A dude lol, or a girl lol”, which allegedly implied that the person coming with Dwight was a man dressed a woman, or a crossdresser.

When they finally met up, one thing led to another, and Harper reportedly claims Dwight Howard assaulted him for refusing to take part in the threesome.

You can see screenshots of that text conversation here.

Dwight Howard Responds to Cam’ron and Mase Reacting to Leaked Court Documents Revealing He Allegedly Gave Oral to a Man Non Consensually

Dwight Howard allegedly confirmed that those text messages above may be 100% real. As aforementioned according to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Dwight Howard gave oral top to the gay man named Stephen Harper during the alleged assault based on the complaint that was filed.

In the court documents Dwight Howard’s lawyer allegedly wrote, “Plaintiff was aware that he would also be arriving at the home prior to Plaintiff even arriving at Defendant’s home.”, which could be an admission that Dwight Howard met up with Stephen Harper, and had a crossdresser named Kitty with him.

His lawyer also allegedly wrote, “The three agreed to touch one another, and to engage in consensual intimate activity”. That would be an admission that Howard engaged in gay activities with two men at the same time.

With the cat out the bag that Dwight Howard has likely been intimately involved with men, Camron and Mase had a lot to say about it on their “It is What It is” Podcast. Essentially Camron and Mase told people that they need to stop pretending that the alleged gay things Dwight Howard did behind closed doors don’t matter. Mase feels it does matter, especially to women, and he thinks the public reaction to the news is proof of that. Take a listen.

In response to their criticism, Dwight Howard posted an IG Live video where he basically disagreed with Camron and Mase. Howard feels that what he does with men in his bedroom should not be anyone’s business, and shouldn’t matter to anyone, but him. He took it a step further, claiming the people worried about the situation are mad that he wasn’t texting them instead of his accuser. Take a listen.

Dwight Howard’s response to Camron and Mase is interesting, because in the past Dwight Howard would deny he ever met the men and transgender women that were trying to expose. If it doesn’t matter to him, then why was he denying doing gay things in the past?

At the end of the day Dwight Howard is right, what he does behind closed doors in his bedroom shouldn’t matter to the outside the world. However, in this instance Dwight is facing allegations of assault, which changes the scope of the situation entirely. In addition in the past he denied ever meeting up with these people, which also changes the intricacies of the situation.

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