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Andrew Wiggins Penny Hardaway Fail Goes Viral: Andrew Wiggins Air Balls Penny Hardaway Spin Step Back Attempt During Wizards vs Warriors

Penny Hardaway was one of the most unique players ever with many moves that only he could pull off. Over the years very rarely do you see players try to mimic his moves the way they do legends like Michael Jordan. Every once in awhile you’ll a player reach in their bag and try to replicate what Penny Hardaway used to do, but that doesn’t mean it will work.

Andrew Wiggins’ Penny Hardaway spin step back attempt turned into an embarrassing failure during Warriors vs Wizards. After shaking his defender completely lose with the move, Andrew Wiggins air balled the shot and hit Kelly Oubre in his leg.

What would of been a top 10 highlight, became a top 10 blooper.

Here is how the move was supposed to be done and completed.

Andrew Wiggins’ career has been a punchline very often. This might be one of the most embarrassing moment since the time he forgot to put on jersey before a game. Luckily for him Jimmy Butler isn’t his teammate anymore, because he probably would have went off on him after that fail.

Penny Hardaway is somewhere rolling over in his bed.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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